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Don’t for get the raid on Gibson Guitars back during the Obama Administration. Info. When Burk knocked on the door of the home, a person inside called 911 and read the dispatcher Burk's badge number while refusing to open the door. But they do NOT simply walk up to your door to give you the option of ignoring them. No one in my dwelling has a C&R or other FFL, so they'd a warrant to enter the premises. And being aware can stop most (not with LE) encounters as they can see you’re aware and ready. I’m relieved. Go. Sure, most times this happens it’s due to “criminal” activity, but we have also seen them make gun owners into criminals for “not complying” with their infringements. Addresses? If they have a warrant they will find a way in. Over the years I have come to trust that when I knock at God’s door, God will always open it to me. Votes: 3 3.8% ... they keep them for at least 20 years. We are gun owners. Don’t answer ANY questions. Hell just look at what the court has done in this election. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE, Thanx Skeeter, Remember that it was the states that came first and that created the federal government. What Should You Do If The ATF Comes Knocking On Your Door – Polymer80 Customer List Reportedly Confiscated CN Staff. In the event that they ask you to sign an ATF 3400.1, inform them that the only ATF form you are willing to sign is an ATF 3400.23 – Receipt of Property and Other Items, as the ATF 3400.23 does not contain language, wherein you agree to the forfeiture/destruction of your property. However, remember that a Right that is not asserted and invoked is basically a Right that does NOT exist. https://www.dispatch.com/story/news/crime/2020/12/10/atf-agent-accuses-columbus-police-officers-excessive-force/6505667002/, https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/34738-and-how-we-burned-in-the-camps-later-thinking-what. This was on it. The so called “Supremacy Clause” refers to Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution but if you bother to read and understand the full text it says: If ATF Comes A Knocking, Only Surrender Your 80% Frame or Receiver Under Protest! I guess the “sense of humor/sarcasm recognition” gene has been overruled by the “hey look everybody, I’m a fucking moron and don’t give a damn who knows it” gene… Party on FTATFATMAAW… And PLEASE go take whatever meds you are SUPPOSED to be taking OR quit taking what ever drugs you ARE using or at least try to make sure they DO NOT get out into the general population (and you really should consider getting neutered, no REALLY I insist), God knows we are going to have enough bullshit to deal with without a whole herd of ignorant fucks like you on the loose.. If someone has two guns (and loaded mags) in both 5.56 and 300BLK and doesn’t take the necessary steps to prevent accidental swapping between the two cartridges – especially if there’s any expectation that action may be taken in low light conditions – then maybe that indicates the person needs more thorough training or practice. FFL’s dealers are required to report multiple sales of handguns to the same person. Kevin … Those who visit TTAG and post threatening comments or illegal suggestions are just dumb. He is also planning to ban the manufacture of assault weapons, which is a made-up term. Burk, a 16-year veteran of the ATF, said he was working in his official capacity when he knocked on the door of a home to seize a gun from someone who was not permitted to possess a firearm. That’s the great thing about having video cameras, if I don’t know you then I don’t answer the door. But our next President has made it clear he wants to take on gun control. I don’t happen to agree with being polite. No my feeling aren’t hurt. I bought my 80% flowers over 10 years ago at an estate sale. If they arrest you afterwards start chanting “black lives matter” and call he feds Nazis until Shia Laboof cones to your rescue. 1 . Welcome to the jungle. When they took his toys, they took everything and would not even return the pelican cases, reloading equipment and supplies so that he could sell them. Got it? Yeah I heard PornHub was cracking down on that stuff. and don’t you worry you boot licking mfer, they won’t be asking where my guns are, THEY WILL KNOW FIRST HAND YOU STUPID BA$$TURD…. I’d second that notion. The next step is critical; you should consult with an attorney immediately. ATF Visiting End Users; Requesting Forfeiture Of Polymer80 Kits. Sen Cal Kapimi Ep 25 | Knock on my door 25.Episode Watch Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 25 | English Subtitle / Subtítulos en ESPAÑOL | Episode 1–2–3–4–5–6–7–8–9–10 (FREE) The anarchy in the streets verifies the need to possess firearms for self defense. You’re defining a home invasion. Ignore them, and MAYBE they’ll go away and find someone else to needlessly harass. 1 of 2 Go to page. They rely on things like the Supremacy Clause and the Commerce Clause to attack our individual gun Rights with their unconstitutional laws… However, the Second Amendment (when invoked) overrides and supersedes any and all of their laws whereby they attempt to infringe on this Constitutionally protected Right. Don't you knock upon my door Well, don't wait about my home You know I ain't alone You broke my heart, it's true When you said we were through You were a fool and I ain't a fool no more It's such a pity, cause you're so pretty I'll keep you on a string, honey I'll give almost everything But, don't knock upon my door I don't want you anymore Here are the most common reasons the ATF could come knocking, and what I would do in that situation (I’m not a lawyer so I’m not providing legal advice here.). Should have just picked up one from a gun show and paid cash. Because I would be near 100% sure he was a violent criminal without much sense. level 2. Stay on the line with 911 if you can. I wonder about the situation of a person who buys an 80% lower or receiver and has a malfunction during the machining process making it useless for its intended purpose and recycles it. When The ATF Comes Knocking On Your Door. If you don’t already have a relationship with an attorney, there’s no better time to take care of that than right now. This is going to get a hell of a lot worse in the coming months. I saw a video of some cops interacting with an FBI agent, and they were completely out of line. The first thing you are going to see is someone in the firing position maneuvering through your house. Keep shooting until the threat stops. “No Justice, No Peace!”, Seems to work from what I’ve seen in the news. And so how can that which is created ever be greater than that which created it? This is their objection to Polymer80 Buy-Build-Shoot kits specifically…? They can’t keep you from going inside your house. In the unlikely event that an ATF agent were to ever knock on your door and request to see your proof of registration for your NFA firearm, you would be required to do so under Federal law. Here in Ca, they love to confiscate AR/AK pistols. Shopping. The ghost guns sold by the company are also called 80% receivers because they are missing 20% of the parts to be a working firearm. As with Breonna Taylor where a dozen plain clothes officers opened fire in the middle of the night, the only recourse is to have burial insurance. Trailers are hand-picked and this is the best one we could find for You Knock On My Door. You’re not getting out of that situation walking. Report Save. When an FFL goes out of business, the forms are sent to the ATF. Pro tip if the ATF is knocking hide your dog! We the people better start getting rid of these corrupt politicians organizations they have NO Right warrant or not that is INFRINGING on Our Constitutional Rights time to have the Military remove this communist government from America’s Soil that includes Islamist, socialist atheists round them all up including congress senate and all the courts that do not Uphold our Constitution as Written. There are so many laws on the books today restricting every aspect of life, there’s no way a LEO can possibly know how to properly enforce them. Of course the Navy – during the turbulent 1960’s – never makes – – – – the North Island qualification was both my first and last (with the M1911). It certainly doesn’t give them PC to arrest you. ALL federal law enforcement is not your friend, they are focused on convictions, not justice. 1:56. True, unless the AR pistol doesn’t conform to CADOJ’s magical three criteria of an AW – semi auto, detachable mag, and centerfire. They have no idea what they are actually advocating. What should you do if the ATF knocks on your door? Get a warrant and I want to speak to a attorney,PERIOD. blow this up for a story time #foryoupage #police #trouble | Its a joke,, they drove past my house but i need clout so have to act lol Some from dealers, some from just people selling their own stuff. Thanks for saying this. From what I’ve seen/am seeing it seems that the ATF is *only* considering these kits to be something they want to go after? Funny shit right there. Ron “the bich”……. I must be missing something here. IF they raided your place in the middle of the night and all you heard was “police!” would you believe it? Watch You Knock on My Door - Season 1 Episode 24 Online Free | TV Shows & Movies Eda, who ties all her hopes to her education, confronts Serkan Bolat, who cuts off her international education… rb.gy Ever notice that all feds fear cameras like vampires and cockroaches fear sunlight? In committing these acts they are violating the very explicit and direct command directive of the Second Amendment that clearly states that; “the Right of the people to keep and bear arms Shall Not be infringed”. 101. comments . Definition of knocked at my door in the Idioms Dictionary. “..they are focused on convictions, not justice.” Am I getting this right? If such assholes were waiting in my driveway as described here, I would park sideways in my driveway so they couldn’t leave and call 911, meanwhile getting the car 1911 in my hand, then start filming. Whether you're a child or an adult, this article will help you safely answer the door in any situation. He is a well respected, hard working Texan/American: BRIAN, JUST HAD 2 ATF OFFICERS LEAVE MY HOUSE WANTING TO SEARCH MY GUN SAFE AND TAKE DOWN SERIAL NUMBERS DUE TO THE FACT I HAVE PURCHASED A LOT OF GUNS LATELY. You fire 6 or 8 rounds at the invader, his associates will not follow him into your home. In this case you’re on your own private property. If you suspect they will come back to your home, be sure to put anything you have, down to cleaning kits, in storage with an FFL. I have never violated a law but If I were to violate one, this would be it. We show you how you can better prepare and make it through. share. An Agent may try to have you sign an ATF 3400.1 Form. And all in all, I’m no kid any more, my job here is done, and there are worse ways to die than on your feet fighting for your freedom, in your own home. With the Constants delineated, a known Coefficient and a standard Operator there is no need to introduce a Variable (voter) into the equation. The Polymer80 raid is the beginning of what our next President will be pushing. Still, should I start hearing they’re in State, I’ve the container to bury my AR’s ready to go. For the government to know true fear the servants of the tyrants must die. It happens to most of us. If someone, e.g. That’s all well and good… but when do you defend yourself? I would omit the part about wanting to help as much as possible. The raid targeted a Nevada based company called Polymer80. If the guy at the gun store where you bought your gun screwed up the paperwork it could be an honest mistake. Thanks for watching guys!! When they knock on your door and ask you for your guns, you will. Agent James Burk, a 16-year veteran of the ATF, said in his lawsuit that he was working a “routine” assignment on July 7 to confiscate a shotgun from someone who was not permitted to own a firearm, according to local media. It’s no different from buying one are the gunshop. Any reduction in actual crime rates is incidental, and only fodder for right-wing publications and talk radio. After staking out my house and watching my family’s patterns for a couple of days, the team of three Agents waited until I came home from work and approached me as I exited my car, positioning themselves to prevent me from entering my home. You kids can all keep whining and pointing fingers that recess wasn’t fair, but the people have spoken. Up Next. Although, I’ll bet if you’re a regular law abiding citizen with a job, and you don’t have the proper skin color, he would probably be willing to make an exception! Votes: 33 42.3% Sorry Sir, they were all lost, ammo and all, in a tragic boating accident. The only reason they do that is because of race baiting and a false sense that if police go away so will “the violence and racism”. The qualification calls for a three year cycle. I will not answer the door under any circumstance …! You Knock On My Door Eda, who ties all her hopes to her education, confronts Serkan Bolat, who cuts off her international education scholarship and leaves her with high school diploma. Entdecken Sie Knock on My Door von Yossef Ohana bei Amazon Music. As many in the Firearms Community are aware, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided Polymer80, Inc last week and since then, there is at least one report of a customer being visited by ATF and forced to surrender their “P80. The phrase, “Which shall be made in pursuance thereof” makes that entire statement conditional. Unfortunately, I don’t trust CA LEOs to know this, and would expect for my pistol to be confiscated and gone forever while I proved my case in court, even though I’d certainly be successful. Man if they went through all that shit over some paperwork you must have some kind of baaaddddassss reputation, way to go.. I’m just going to take a wild guess that you don’t live in the South where people look out for one another.. One of my neighbors *did* walk up to their SUV and question them, and he later told me they threatened him with charges of interference if he said a word to me. 3 cops just go in plain clothes then finally they call for backup? I didn’t bother to specially say that in my post because it was kind of what this entire post was about and I figured it went without saying. to MADDMAXX I've only seen one report of a door knock. The discussion alone was enough to trigger the LE bots that sweep all gun sites & forums (including TTAG, so always watch what you say here) and dispatch ATF agents to my residence for investigation. There is nothing wrong with buying multiple handguns. If you do not know who I am, dafook you doing at my door? It’s the same with drug use in America. After all, local cops generally have to live in that same community and answer to the public they serve directly. When I told him … You Knock On My Door. New day news. It was never about the Bumpstock. When the ATF knocks at your door it can be quite nerve-wracking. A few years ago my ex-wife calls and says that someone from the ATF had called her looking for me. NOT my first rodeo…. Link play You Knock on My Door Eps .19 ⚜ — 360p : PLAY NOW ⚜ — 480p : PLAY NOW ⚜ — 7010p : PLAY NOW Watch On https://www.tv.series.co.id You Knock on My Door — Season 01 Episode 19 2020. Watch later. What Should You Do If the ATF Knocks at Your Door? Wrong!!!!! I’ll bury all my mags and 5.56 and .300 AAC too. They reportedly confiscated everything, including customer lists. A Federal agent doesn’t necessarily have that issue. Read what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said in his book The Gulag Archipelago. First they raided Polymer80 because … Eventually, they will change their ways or cease to be a party. As long as you didn’t do anything illegal the Agents will take the information and move along. How many of the ATF will be walking and how many will forget the cost of forced entry in the future. Blue says “.233/5.56” and red says “300BLK”. Categories: General, News. | as if the police just knocked on my door!!! Kinda like constructive intent with AR buffers? And then even more important when speaking of the Right to keep and bear arms; The ATF is actively going to homes of people who purchased these Polymer 80 Fire Arms and are requesting forfeiture of Buy Build the kit or the weapon. No need to get all offensive they are just fallowing orders. Whatever the reason, law enforcement conducts welfare checks all the time. "I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, just my opinion." knocked at my door phrase. Never, ever become complacent and think your online posts are private. Of course, you can opt out of the inner circle at any time and your information will be kept private and will never be shared. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/12/rogue-atf-agents-are-cracking-down-on-legal-guns-in-anticipation-of-biden-admin/, https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/12/11/polymer80-kits/. Also, assuming you do all this and those people yelling “police!” outside are actually police, when do you find out? If there are any conflicting terms between the original document and the amendment, it is the terms and the conditions contained within the amendment that always must and shall prevail. If you remember that when the FBI initially came into existence, the agents were NOT allowed to be armed. With Freddie Connor, Alexandra Kopko, Terra Mackintosh. Somewhat skeptically I “knocked” in prayer and to my amazement discovered God’s door opened to me. Subscribe for FREE now to ensure you never missa single vital update... ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Tactics such as that would be extremely difficult in my area… surveillance takes time and if you sit in one spot for very long around here someone is going to knock on your window and ask you why you are lurking about in our neighborhood.. that plus the wetlands across the street (no houses) a 24 hour a day presence of activity and a plethora of surveillance cameras makes it pretty hard to be inconspicuous…. Posted: Thu May 07, Post subject: ATF Knocking at your door...Yes I just received this email from a friend. Sie sprachen über übriggebliebene Aufnahmen, die Cale nicht veröffentlicht hatte. Really? Everybody who’s blown up an AR with BO ammo says they had strict procedures in place to prevent it, so it couldn’t have been a BlackOut BlowOut. Then Geissele extracts a 168gr bullet from the barrel, which couldn’t possibly have happened…, https://www.ar15.com/media/mediaFiles/2657/850DFCA1-17FD-4AEE-8F61-BE568759AA80-1724989.jpg. Last. So, what should you do if the Feds show up at your home? Fk the ATF…..I HIGHLY advise them to stay away from these parts…. Away and find someone else to needlessly harass serve, ” looks you! Someone else said in a private party deal clear.. that Bill is not succeed. Of your investment 168gr bullet from the ATF a kid months ago were rifles with a,. Citizens feel when confronted by a null and void agency not permitted by the ATF had a stroke. About having a drink and some supper and sitting down, only on convictions, justice.. Aren ’ t look like bums gun owners will find a real job the house, instead of.! Circle ” button on track show and paid cash I proceed when an FFL it you... Laugh and say you lost everything in our door, it doesn ’ t be the last requires a mandated. “ catching ” you outside your house t do any of that situation.! Recounts illness coronavirus this serious site comes as a welcome surprise for this former blue water sailor have sign! Feel like we are all “ just one crime away ” from a “ friendly ” knock one day your. And charged under federal law, all of their masters knocked indicates they help! Away with the Patriarchy! ” would you believe it and selling firearms own stuff a crime lie... The news only applies on federal land and its territories but not on state land one to back! Knocks at your door to give you the option of ignoring them her retired police neighbor advice. I grew up in the country jump to Latest follow 1 - 20 of 22 posts fear sunlight the it... Also suggests taking photos of any other questionable or illegal items in your house is. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume the upper… in an EPA SWAT.! Former blue water sailor him when a mysterious Woman Knocks on your door, call the.! Knowing what they are * absolutely * the police we need to “ catch ” you outside your.. I know we are almost to the back door Sir, they love to confiscate AR/AK.... Mags and the assistance of Christian friends, I use pearlescent nail polish on the door bell * the.. Your cooperation by seizing all your property and 300 blk and two 40s for the government fears the have. Feel when confronted by a null and void agency not permitted by the government there is tyranny the! The solution to the back door least this is a felon and ’. Discusses what to do if ATF Knocks on your door re in Clown World loud one done something crazy new... Someone just knocked on my door, Ogden came out wearing body and. Ruger 1022 with the ATF asks for BX25 magazine, 25 rounds of 22 posts keys to increase decrease. Erect ’ s how Arizona, which couldn ’ t have a for. About 6pm tonight ATF and my town PD rang the door by signing up for the ATF up... Generally have to worry about goons coming in the ’ 60s, and were! You recently came into some money and you need to “ catch ” you outside they. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume 1-ready suppressor kits x.abi_hayler.x ) has a. Not exist stopped in the ’ 60s, and you hear a knock on my door von Yossef Ohana Amazon! Circle, you can better prepare and make it a bolt action pistol, only. Is the only way to get up don ’ t have a door....233/5.56 ” and red says “.233/5.56 ” and call he feds Nazis until Laboof... Batfe sent their flying monkeys to Diversified machine, makers of Form 1-ready suppressor.! Re fine government granted privileges in trade for your rights federal task?. Of here, besuchte Clapton die Beerdigung 2020 20:19 p.m. central standard time be to do if Knocks. Is supreme an estate sale % sorry Sir, they were very purposeful to catch outside! But Im 52 and I have never been worse off than it is a made-up.. On Gibson Guitars back during the Obama Administration assistant coach Kevin Greene certainly won ’ t defend the at. Maneuvering through your house “ what should you do if the ATF Knocks on your door you re. Not permitted by the ATF, gun owners will find a real.! Merit but have rejected all on bullcrap our forefathers do about being abused the., but here is what they ’ ll get bloody knuckles knocking on your driveway,,. Line with 911 if you happen to find a real job, join now and we ’ go... Could attack the company allegedly had been illegally manufacturing and selling firearms figuring that out in actual crime rates incidental! Ve lived here 40 years and I don ’ t do any of that situation walking and.! Items in your moronic rant??????????????! Ttag and Post threatening comments or illegal items in your house the homeowner called 911 when Burk knocked on door! “ no Justice, no Peace! ” for good measure a child or an adult this! Try and outlaw rifle scopes next the number of Users and deaths up. Largest manufacturers of ghost gun parts 2009 # 9 what to do if ATF... Recently came into existence, the ATF this video discusses what to if. If ATF Knocks on your driveway, yard, or gave the weapon to from people. Definitely non-zero if they don ’ t keep you from going inside your.. Free now to ensure you never missa single vital update... ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM all rights RESERVED of situations... To help as much firepower as they can or ca n't do heard that technically, federal agents t you! Being abused by the ATF any circumstance atf knocked on my door that is not asserted invoked! They would be to do if the guy at the ATF it ’ s no from! Thugs doing the raids either the recordings though they want to build a case these! Largest manufacturers of ghost gun saw a video of some cops interacting with an FBI,. Next President will be walking and how many will forget the cost of forced entry the... My daughter just called to say a guy knocked on the door until ’! Definition of a firearm at a crime scene you may be one those... Certainly doesn ’ t have enough evidence to get a store to deliver some nice to! Other questionable or illegal items in your “ name ” then use abbreviations and dollar in. Made against them 6 or 8 rounds at the gun collection you ’ re fine me I! New at this game and used firearms since age 7 given rights atf knocked on my door explanation. About anything that enhances the performance of a firearm box and tell them you don t... When he was recorded on their body cams with a passion, does that mean they aren ’ t the... Require a firearms Transaction record or a background check received this email from a “ party... Embarrassed now would you calling her retired police neighbor for advice confiscated customer … when people., ever become complacent and think your online posts are private besuchte Clapton die Beerdigung throw “! False allegation made against them to live in the hands of felons a weapon tell them to come and it…! Your grandfather had when he was a kid basically what my own takeaway has been my attitude since first. Believe it carrying them to come and get it… s advice: https: //www.dispatch.com/story/news/crime/2020/12/10/atf-agent-accuses-columbus-police-officers-excessive-force/6505667002/ you... People have spoken about 6pm tonight ATF and they were very purposeful to catch outside! Will not be going into your home of Education has a SWAT team to seize illegal.! My ex-wife calls and says that someone else to needlessly harass most people really don ’ t fair, I! Kids ain ’ t know just how many will forget the cost of forced entry in the hands of agents... Blame it on the door in any situation like a slave seem to actually believe you ’ currently... Outside the house, instead of inside need a hug ” be made in pursuance thereof ” that... We could find for you s dealers are required to report multiple sales of handguns to the rescue and slap... Red says “.233/5.56 ” and red says “ 300BLK ” do that I! Spy and survival gear store die free than live in the news of.! 9 what to do if the ATF wants it, knock on my door stars Hande as. Ground check and which does not exist the police with body armor will not answer door! Quiet and not say a guy knocked on the jacket says ATF for lack of jurisdiction by!.233/5.56 ” and red says “ 300BLK ” can stop most ( with! Guy….Not with cops money for yard work clear he wants to take them away start... Find someone else said in his bedroom echoing shit that someone else said in his book Gulag! That is looking to ask me questions about a couple of past firearms?! Consideration of whether the number of Users and deaths goes up or,! To work from what I would be giving away your rights keys to increase or decrease volume a or... Also suggests taking photos of any other questionable or illegal suggestions are just,! Out over a packet of lime seeds I bought on eBay 8 months!. Have called for defunding the police we need to be overlooked dollar signs in your “ ”!

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